About Us

Savannah Cats

We are a small cattery, located in North Carolina, breeding Savannah cats and Savannah kittens. Our Savannah cats & kittens get only the best of care and are raised under foot, to assure you get the best temperament possible in your new future companion.

We breed for the TICA standard...although we do occasionally have non standard colors available. I do have two non standard color F1 females in my program. Rumor displays the tiny (Servaline type) spotting pattern. Her father was an African Serval and her mother was an Abby-Egyptian Mau cross. If you Google the Smithsonian Institute website and type in Serval  display you can actually see a Serval with this pattern. Rumor is a very typey girl and it would have been a shame not to include her in my program. She produces both standard spotted babies and the Servaline pattern. Annie is another gorgeous F1. She does have the spotted pattern with white. Her father was an African Serval and her mother was a black and white domestic shorthair. Annie also produces standard and non standard babies.

Along with amazing type, these girls have produced F2s that have remarkable temperaments.They are all healthy, happy babies that enjoy their human contact. All of my F2B queens are Rumor and Annie babies. We are quite excited about the next generation. Bahari and Kooba are two of the first males that we acquired . Both have worked quite well with my girls. Again…temperament is very important and these boys are wonderful. The combinations of the queens and kings in my program have produced lovely babies. Izzy is our upcoming king and hopefully will prove in the near future.¬† Hopefully our first SBT litter will be born later this year. All of our cats are family members first and foremost. Our kittens come fully vaccinated (our vet takes very good care of them). They receive the first vaccine at 9 weeks, second at 12 weeks and FELV and FIV testing prior to leaving. Our vet gives each a complete physical prior to them leaving.We welcome pickup at our home. If this is not possible we offer hand delivery or standard shipping through Delta Airlines.